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I have three amazing kids.  I knew I wanted to be involved in helping people have children the morning after my first son’s birth.   For all three of my children's births I was supported and cared for with endless compassion.  It changed me forever.   


In addition to supporting families as a Birth Doula, I am a student midwife at South West Technical College.  I have worked as an In Home Caregiver for over 12 years.  I learned many practical skills but mostly learned about the strength of the human heart.  I learned how to trust in the process of life.   I grew up in a home with a Mom who was a childbirth educator and a hospice nurse.  The process and reality of birth and death were common topics at the dinner table.  I'm filled with gratitude that both of my parents not only support my passion of helping families during this time, but they also know the language, ask great questions, and understand the importance of being involved with what one believes in. 

My hope when providing labor support is to help increase the likelihood of a person’s satisfaction with their birth experience.  I want to help educate families about their choices.  I want to follow the person’s lead, helping involve their partner(s) / support person as much as they are comfortable.   I also support single parents during this journey. 


I believe the intention of a Doula is to help remind you that this is Your Birth.  A Doula is someone who you can feel safe with, connect with and helps you feel comfortable with being authentically you.  A Doula is someone who you could believe when they says how amazing you are.  The conversation about empowering births continues to encourage, inspire, and teach me how I can do my part in bringing birth back to where it belongs….to Birthing People, Babies, and the Families!

I am humbled by the enormity of a child entering the world.   Becoming parents changes us forever.  I want to help hold the space for the arrival of a child to be held in reverence and sacredness. When we acknowledge the importance of these changes, we deepen our sense of self and discover a new understanding of what makes life meaningful.

When I am not supporting families, you can find me being a mom to two terrific teenage boys and one vivacious 10 year old daughter, playing or coaching club soccer, having the time of my life as Podcast host, pretending to be a farmer on my girlfriend's farm, and most of all....feeding my people.  


    Background and Training

  • Student Midwife, 2012-2013, 2020- present 

  • DONA (Doulas of North America) trained, 2010 

  • LCCE  (Lamaze Certified Childbirth Instructor), 2015  

  • Attended over 250 Births 

"The way I describe birth...switch on a light and go to the moon.  It is an other worldly experience.  Nothing compares to the privilege and responsibility of that.  Nothing.  So if you don't have the reverence and respect, where do you go from there?"

-Nadine Goodman

Special thanks to incredible photographer Beth Skogen.

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