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Thank you to those that have shared their thoughts, experiences, and photos. 

Thank you for allowing me to witness your journey. 

It was an honor. 

“Margaret Romano has been an amazing presence in my life. I met her in nearly a decade ago and I have watched her grow into a wonderful mother of three who is excited and dedicated to supporting women through the process of pregnancy and childbirth. She is steadfast and true. As my illness progressed she became one of my most dedicated and predictable allies, and I believe any woman giving birth would be most fortunate to have Margaret by her side.” -Clove

"Margaret’s ability to really BE with people makes her an invaluable gem during the birthing process.  During our prenatal visits, her presence helped me to process old birthing wounds and her loving lightheartedness actually had me laughing a few times during labor!  Apart from being an intuitive and absolutely radiant human being, she knows birth.  I’m trained as a doula myself but I had never heard of some of the tricks she used during some rough spots in my labor.  Labor is really about BEING and trusting the process and Margaret helped me get to that place because that’s really how she lives.  I highly recommend her." - Lauren

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"Knowing we had Margaret at our side was a key component in our daughter's birth. She made us feel secure and supported in every aspect of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She checked in with us and was an invaluable asset as we waited for the big day to arrive. In addition to listening and encouraging us both verbally and physically, she provided referrals for an acupuncturist and chiropractor to help with some of my pregnancy discomfort. When the time came and I was in labor, Margaret was the first to arrive. She did everything a doula could and should do and we feel that Ella's birth was the perfect birth.

After the birth I hemorrhaged and needed an emergency transfer to the hospital. Margaret worked with our midwife's team to take care of Ella, clean up our house and get Ella to the hospital. Margaret was holding our newborn baby when we left for the hospital and took turns with my husband holding Ella skin-to-skin until Ella could be with me again. I cannot find words to describe how thankful I am that Margaret was there. It makes me feel so much better knowing that my little girl was held and nourished even when I could not be with her and not just put in the nursery.

Margaret checked in on us numerous times at the hospital and was there for us when went home. She made sure I was eating iron-rich foods and offered to help me or find others to help me so that all our family needs were met. She is a wonderful doula and we don't know what we would have done without her."  - Ginny


"Margaret’s companionship was a true blessing.  Her constant emotional and physical support over the

course of our birth kept me feeling comfortable, safe and empowered.  Having Margaret beside us to help ease me through the intense bits of labor with kind words and massage, or laugh with me through the sickness I sometimes felt helped me keep my perspective, as well as a sense of humor, joy and victory."

-Jen and Jenny

"Margaret was a source of ceaseless support and enlivening encouragement. I was blessed by her serene understanding as together we brought my daughter into this world. Margaret caressed my laboring body and held my shaking hands, exchanging with me flowing impulses of love which I can conjure yet today. After my babe was in my arms, she continued to nourish me with hot meal and comfort.  She also educated me about the benefits of taking my own placenta medicinally and helped me prepare it.  I give thanks daily for her dedication and benevolence, her presence in my life, and the lives of my children." - SaraJane


"I would highly recommend Margaret Romano to anyone considering hiring a Doula.  As a medical student with experience in obstetrics, I had concerns that a Doula might create conflict within the healthcare team.  As a husband, I had concerns that a Doula might supplant my role as the primary support for my wife.  These concerns subsided after meeting Margaret.  I first noticed her calm demeanor, professionalism, passion for the process of giving birth, and experience with both the technical and emotional aspects of labor and delivery.  It was clear from the beginning that Margaret’s only agenda was to help us get the birth that we wanted.  After delivery by Cesarean of a healthy baby boy after a 30 hour complicated labor, I can confidently state that Margaret made my son’s birth an unforgettably positive experience for us.


I was most intrigued by how well Margaret worked with my wife and me, and with all members of the healthcare team.  Our OB focused on signs of maternal or fetal distress to determine if medical intervention was necessary.  The nurse carried out the minute to minute monitoring for the doctor.  Although both the doctor and the nurse did an excellent job and clearly upheld our stated preference for a natural birth, neither took an interest in managing the “play by play” of an intense 30 hour labor.  Natural childbirth requires constant emotional support and attention, and Margaret filled that void on the healthcare team.  She knew when to try different pushing positions, breathing techniques, changes to lighting and ambiance, food, water, rest, and she always made sure that I remained the primary support person for my wife.  Margaret made the birth special, and she made it ours.

Margaret remains a friend and a unique and special person in our lives and in our son’s life.  I would absolutely hire her again when we have our next child, and believe that the value she provides to the birth experience far exceeds the financial cost of her services.  Feel free to Email me or my wife if you have any further questions regarding Margaret Romano."   -Joshua Deutsch, M4, MPH    


"It takes a high level of spiritual presence to walk into a room and support a laboring woman, her partner, her children and her family. It takes an even higher level to do so after only speaking to the mother via phone for a few short minutes, a few weeks prior to the birth. Margaret Romano with Sacred Beginnings embodies this infinite presence. She became my voice when I was unable to speak, the comforting hand when my family needed another and the advocate that was necessary when my home birth became a hospital birth. Nothing about my birth plan went according to plan—except for Margaret. My family and I are forever grateful."  -Lindsay S. 

"Margaret has the mix of emotional intelligence and fire in the spirit that we were looking for to support the birth of our son. I had clear ideas on what I hoped for my second birth experience.  Margaret supported our efforts and requests and I felt much more empowered this time. I delivered my baby in the midst of a stressful period with Covid-19 and Margaret heard that anxiety but also reminded me to enjoy lighter moments during pregnancy and after our baby was born." -M

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