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Placentology....Consuming One's Placenta. 

This is not a new approach to Self Care, Replenishing and Recovery.   

It's ancient. 


People choose placenta encapsulation for some very wise reasons...

The #1 reason I bring up consuming one's placenta is to prevent postpartum depression.  It also helps with afterpains, milk supply, sleep, and overall energy.

Do a little research, sit with it, and know that we don't have to live life worried about what others may think of our choices.  Pregnancy and Birth is a great time to practice being open to new ideas, thinking for one's self, and making choices that feel best for us.

I request a 20 minute phone consultation before working with

families to discuss benefits, side effects, and risks so you can make an informed decision to see if it's right for you. 

Fee - $300

Payment plans available



"The biggest impact I experienced was the way I felt emotionally during recovery.  I am not always the most even keel person  but with taking my placenta pills, I felt very emotionally stable.  No baby blues or postpartum depression for me!"

- Danielle, mama of 3

"My placenta pills provided me with a healthy boost of energy and balance in the early days of nurturing my newborns.  I can't imagine postpartum without them."

-Andrea, mama of 3

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